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2021-12-13 17:56:04 By : Ms. May Wang

Huddersport, Washington — Editor's note: The above story first aired in July 2019.

Most of us know someone who seems to be living in a bubble. Friends Sara Gearhart and Raechel Partridge are learning what it's like to hang out in a real inflatable bubble tent. "I can't wait to see what the night is like when the stars are there," said Gearhart, who surprised her husband by spending a charming camping-or glamping-on the Hoodsport property owned by Summer Blaze. "The first reaction I got from the guests was awe and surprise," Blaze said. "I have also received a lot of questions, such as how did you come up with this?" The bubble house is bigger than it looks. There is a queen-size bed, but we can never figure out how Blaze got it into the bubble. "It's just peace," Gearhart said. This calm atmosphere is important to Blaze, a world traveler who likes to relax. "I already had a name before glamping," she said. "You didn't eat hot dogs when you were camping with me. It was shrimp or something."

Visitors to her bubble tent adventure under the stars can use the vegetables she grows in the garden, covered cooking area, reading hammock, meditation tent, outdoor shower and soaking bathtub. "I do ask us not to use soap on this land because I'm only about 200 feet from the Hood Canal, where our salmon and oysters are produced," Blaze said. But the main attraction is the big plastic ball. Zip up your own zipper and spend the night to see what it's like to really live in a bubble. "For many people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Blaze said. 

The Under the Stars Bubble Tent Adventure starts at $169 per night.

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