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2021-11-13 09:08:04 By : Mr. Wen Dan

Bastrop, Texas-I have seen them in photos and videos, but when you walk into one of the tents in Bastrop Lake Park, you can't help but "Wow!" When you see queen-size beds, bunk beds, hardwood floors and air conditioning. 

This camping is completely different from what I remember my family did when I was a kid! Each tent has electricity and an outdoor kitchen. One even has a bathroom and a shower room. If you don’t like tents, you can rent one of the five airstream trailers in the park at any time.

The park is one of 40 sites belonging to the Lower Colorado River Authority. They extend north from San Saba, all the way to the coast of Matagorda. Each of them provides camping and other recreational opportunities.

Bastrop Lake also offers fishing activities. The 900-acre lake is full of bass, crappie, perch and catfish. You can rent kayaks, canoes or paddle boards. You can bring and launch your own ship! Or, if you don’t like fishing, you can hike the four and a half miles of trails.

It is only a 40-minute drive east of Austin. This is a great place for a weekend getaway or stay and play. 

However, as the camping progresses, you'd better check the availability. To view the park, click here.

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