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October 15, 2021 | By Sam Anderson

You will not call your company a "badass" without exuding a certain atmosphere. The start-up manufacturer of rooftop tents entered the market with five patents (skylights!) and a fascinating "lightest and fastest hardtop" statement.

The company that makes what it calls BA Tents also calls itself a "destroyer." Badass Tents is a new category of competitor that competes for attention with rhetorical statements and the appeal of pending patents.

BA's products themselves revolve around the company's claim that they are the lightest and thinnest hardtops on the market. In addition, the company has applied for patents for its integrated connection system, modular components and skylights.

As the cherry on top, it says that every "space age" extruded aluminum frame has a plastic cover, "it looks like an OEM paint job."

Oh la la. We've seen roof nests before, but maybe they don't have such bright feathers. Of course, the question is: Is Badass Tents legal?

In our opinion, the answer seems to be "yes". First, there is the lightest and thinnest hardtop statement. Badass assigns the most advanced tent to multiple tents in its lineup-so, which one is it?

Badass Rooftop Tent's new clamshell structure, Convoy, seems to have the upper hand. When packaged at a height of 5 inches and weighing 92 pounds, it is significantly lighter and lower-key than any other four-sided structure on the market. Compare it with the CVT St. Helens, which is as small as 11 inches and weighs 153 pounds.

It even surpassed Platform Tent, the previous weight-loss winner of Go Fast Campers (GFC).

The entry-level Rugged series performs similarly in similar products, weighing 105 pounds. The wedge-shaped tent has a maximum height of 60 inches and can be folded up to 4 inches. Compared with Roofnest Sparrow EYE: It has a peak of 44 inches, folded to 11.5 inches, and weighs 130 pounds.

It seems that no other competitor can beat the Badass version: Thule Tepui Hybox Wedge folds into a 12.8-inch profile and weighs 177 pounds. (It is worth noting that Thule has carried out a large number of recalls of Hybox Wedge, affecting equipment built in 2018-2021.)

Low-key has a lot of meaning: a shorter garage is better for decoration, and in theory, it should increase fuel consumption. Lighter weight should also help save gasoline. Although there are indeed roof options that are as lightweight as Rugged, you will need a soft roof to get them.

At present, Convoy seems to have reached the most advanced category: the lightest roof tent.

Badass is applying for a patent covering a range of functions, from setup utilities to user comfort.

Convoy's patent-pending skylight is huge-4'x 6'-and adds the best stargazing experience in its class to a 360-degree panoramic view. Many hard-shell roof tents have vents or fans on the roof, but Convoy is the first tent with a real skylight. 

The brand's modular assembly options are also applying for patent certification. This method allows the customer to assemble the tent by himself instead of receiving the assembled tent.

result? The shipping size has been reduced from 87 inches x 52 inches x 10 inches to 84 inches x 18 inches x 16 inches, which allows the company to ship goods through FedEx Ground and speed up delivery. Internally, Badass hopes to use the technology for more space-saving overseas transportation and save overall costs.

The contact method between the main body of the Badass tent and the roof line will also be proprietary. According to the brand, the quasiflush installation design improves fuel economy and reduces wind noise.

Finally, Badass tried to apply for a patent for Convoy's plastic roof. Equipped with an optional crossbar, it can double as a roof rack for bicycles, kayaks or surfboards.

Up to now, each patent is still being processed. Badass expects them to be completed within 12 months.

Unfortunately, if you want a Convoy or any version of Rugged beyond the basic model, you will need one of some very special vehicles-at least for now. This is the vehicle assembly list at the time of writing:

If you drive other things, you are out of luck. However, the brand promises that its tents will soon be applied to Ford Mustang, Lexus LX460 and LX470, Jeep Wrangler (4-door), Subaru Ascent, Toyota FJ Cruiser, etc.

We also recommend proceeding cautiously in high winds because of the high attitude of the team when pitching. Opening all windows may help it stay upright, but it will also create a hellish wind tunnel.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Badass Rooftop Tents ranges from US$2,500 for the basic model (semi-universal) Rugged to US$5,000 for the top Convoy. The price depends on the vehicle installation. Check out the entire lineup-in fact, the worst rooftop tent in the world-here.

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