iKamper’s Disco series is the perfect outdoor cooking system

2021-11-22 07:10:11 By : Mr. BEN GUO

When you go out camping, you have enough worry.

For example, find a good place to settle down and deal with the sudden rain, and the rustling outside the tent is the wind or the nosy bear.

Therefore, the last thing you want to consider is how to turn that package of food into a pleasant dinner so that everyone does not go hungry.

Simply bringing in this new modular cooking system from iKamper is much easier than quelling mutiny. Known as the Disco series, it has everything you need to cook on an open flame and can be ordered now.

In the past few years, iKamper has manufactured an innovative rooftop tent and a portable kitchen on wheels. Therefore, they know how to bring some practical comfort to outdoor adventures. The disco series follows the same path, combining several useful items into one cooking solution.

The adjustable tripod includes a pulley system and chain, so you can safely raise and lower the non-stick cast iron frying pan over an open flame. There is also a stove that can hold pans or your own pots and pans, if you prefer a smaller flame-just turn on the gas, press the ignition button, and start cooking. 

Then there is the table, which is connected to a tripod, so you have a surface for cutting and preparing ingredients. It also includes two cup holders to hold your beer firmly while you are working.

Set this up on your next camping trip, put a few steaks on the frying pan or put some peppers on the stove. When you fulfill one of the most primitive desires of humanity-cooking on an open fire, you and your friends will feel happy and full.

Minus any practical difficulties, such as hunting and foraging.