"Long December" by The Hold Steady Cover Counting Crows and playing "Relax Tent" with Michael Imparioli at the Brooklyn Bowl: Watch

2021-12-13 18:04:20 By : Mr. Alex Chen

Last night, Hold Steady, one of the greatest live bands on the planet, returned triumphantly to the Brooklyn Bowl, where it became their unofficial base camp. Hold Steady played a live broadcast of the epidemic era at the Brooklyn Bowl. Since the show started, they have also shown other shows elsewhere, but last night was their true return. This was also the first night of their four-night Massive Nights booth at the venue. It has some cool surprises.

Earlier this year, Hold Steady released an excellent album called Open Door Policy, but last night’s show did not specifically address this. On the contrary, Hold Steady played Boys And Girls In America, which is their classic 2006 album, from front to back. They also played several other songs, one of which was an unexpected cover: "Long December", which was a hit song by Counting Crows in 1996. The band made it sound like a Hold Steady song—not as far-fetched as you might think—and the crowd turned it into a triumphant single.

Speaking of the conqueror of alternative rock radio stations in the 90s, soul sanctuary lead singer Dave Pirner was not in the building last night. He was a guest with American boys and girls. On the contrary, Hold Steady has a very cool alternative. Former Soprano star and famous indie rock fan Michael Imperioli led a band called Zopa, and they kicked off the show. Afterwards, Imparioli returned to the stage and sang the Pirner part of "Chillout Tent" with Hold Steady. Gladie's Augusta Koch also joined the same song of Hold Steady, singing the part sung by Reputation's Elizabeth Elmore on the record. Next, take a look at the performances of "Long December" and "Chillout Tent" last night.

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