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After a tiring week at work, with the weekend joyfully looming ahead of me, I often find myself fantasizing about a short sweet getaway! Just a few days away from my hectic life, and this hectic world, in a bubble of my own, where all my worries are nowhere to be seen. And with the summer season setting in, I’m definitely in the mood to soak up some sun! And, camping could be a great outdoor activity! Although camping does have a few downsides too! I mean, you have to get down and dirty, live life on the road and tackle the moodiness of the elements. In such a scenario, having a set of trustworthy and handy camping products can make a world of difference! Having the right products by your side can make your life much easier during those crucial moments. From a portable lamp that is suitable for camping trips and your work desk to a portable projector– we’ve curated some fun and functional camping designs for you. Enjoy!

MOGICS is a Nevada-based company that deals with convenience. Portability, functionality, and usability remain the foundational pillars for MOGICS, producing specialty items like universal adapters and wireless light spheres. CARSULE, a pop-up cabin for your car, is one of the latest specialty items to come from the company. Your next best travel companion, CARSULE can attach to a variety of car models to provide a comfortable, spacious tent on camping trips that take you as far as the road goes.

Constructed from UV-resistant and waterproof materials, when fully assembled, CARSULE provides up to 2 meters worth of headroom. Unlike most tents, CARSULE is designed to provide space for more than just sleeping. Large enough to function as a sleeping area and a lounge space, the designers behind CARSULE describe, “Unlike most tents that are only meant for sleeping, CARSULE provides you with a living room in the outdoors and offers mobility since the simple installation makes the movement possible and easy.”

Presenting a definite alternative – which is both portable and trendy – Korean designer Hyeonseok Kang has conceptualized ‘The Suitcase’; a TV in a suitcase, that simple!

It’s not a TV packed into a suitcase, in fact, it is a flexible display that can fold back into a suitcase for carrying in the boot of your car. It is not like the traditional camping TV with a portable stand, The Suitcase is a display with a combined stand and TV.

Space Camper is the latest name to enter the domain of Cybecamper idealizers. This space has gone incredibly buzzing since the Elon Musk detailed at the Cybertruck announcement that it would be accompanied by a trailer and a pop-up tent of its own, giving rise to a host of designs imagining the camping version of the Cybertruck.

Equipped to take a couple anywhere on tar, gravel, and boulders – the Space Camper is designed from aerospace-grade materials for durability. The wedge-style unit tethers to the back of the Cybertruck without much fuss. It is positioned close to the road and can be pulled up to camp anywhere instantly. Onboard air-powered actuators are used to retract the camper to a halt in under a minute. For the concerned, the wedge-style opening allows 8-foot headroom, while the built-in awing offers additional open space.

Designed primarily for use in outdoor activities; the Conic is a helpful extension of a flashlight, which should come in handy to light up the entire camp or make those two-handed tasks easier to carry out. It will be a great help thus while cooking or maybe when playing board games at the camp.

The gap between outdoor flashlights and lanterns is narrowing with transformation in design. This inventive approach has given birth to a new domain i.e., an outdoor lamp, which double duties and makes sure you’re never found wanting while camping or traveling. Conic is an embodiment of such a design, which is a nice transition from the traditional, boring light sources you’ve been accustomed to packing in your backpack.

This Turkey-based company is introducing something more in line with real camping. The Mohican is a mini-caravan that can be towed by any vehicle to accompany you to your camping site.

It’s under 400 kilograms so it should not be that heavy to attach to your car, van, or SUV and once you reach the site, it will be transformed into a fully functional camping companion. While it has a minimalist design, it is fully functional and comes with an eye-catching bright yellow color.

Some households are switching to getting home projectors. Instead of getting more giant TVs, they prefer projectors to achieve that cozy, home movie theater feel. We have seen and tried several projectors already. Most of them are just concept designs, but there are a few we really want to turn into reality, like the PANO.

The PANO Beam Projector is a portable version that is great for the home and for outdoor adventures. For example, if you’re into camping and are looking for evening entertainment, you can quickly bring your Pano projector and be ready to play your favorite movie or TV show. This portable beam projector doesn’t look complicated to operate. The design is a simple rectangular prism inspired by an SUV. On one side is the projecting lens and what appears to be a fabric speaker grille. On the top surface is a button and what we’re assuming is a zoom ring.

The Campo, inspired by the curves of an Apple Watch and the concept of a portable EV battery, is made in nature-friendly colors. Its helmet-like design, where the visor (the lid in this case) can be rolled up with a handle. Inside you have a magnetically fastened plate, over which you can keep the item you want to cook or heat and set the timer (which is displayed on the handle you can roll back down to start the microwave). The ease of portability is ensured by a locking mechanism on the side of the unit, which locks in place when the handle is rolled up or pushed down flat.

Before you plug your microwave into the vehicle’s battery and end up draining it down to the point where your vehicle refuses to start; spare a thought for the Campo microwave oven. This is microwave powered by a rechargeable battery to let you do the heating and cooking without requiring continuous juice up from your car. It would be a good idea to just carry your microwave like a helmet and place it on a flat surface to begin preparing the meal instantly.

For moments when you want a portable sauna, Iam Sauna by a Japanese start-up is the go-to option for two primary reasons: it’s highly portable and convenient to set up! Iam Sauna is a lovely tent-style sauna provided with a wood-burning stove that allows people to enjoy the outdoors even in the cold weather to regain the lost energy after a long day.

A Japanese-style sauna tent is extremely portable; you can carry it along whether you’re biking it up or driving for a picnic with your family. In addition to its portable design, the sauna tent is effortless to set up. A single person can install the tent in under a minute. One will be required to stretch out the pull tabs on all four sides and instantly, a stable and usable tent is ready.

Developed in the design language of DHL, PDF Haus aimed to give Shelf a simple box silhouette with a freewheeling attitude, taking inspiration from the color scheme, materials and finishes often chosen by DHL for their vehicles and brand aesthetic. The grill even comes with DHL decals and tags that can be adhered to the metallic grill’s front case that turns into its table extension. While most gas stoves come with a separate carrying case, Shelf’s entire grill has been turned into one that can be consolidated and carried away.

Shaped and carried like a slim briefcase, two metal clasps open and slide out to reveal the Shelf’s grill and supplementary table space. Just beneath the grill, Shelf includes two retractable shelves that create more space for whoever’s cooking to place their spices, utensils, or tools. Blooming from Shelf’s underside like an awning, the shelves, and the sliding tables nearly double Shelf’s overall area.

Electric pick-up trucks are going to be the next big rage as Cybertruck paves the way for others like the Rivian R1Tor Lordstown Endurance to bring the taste of this new revolution to eager consumers. The upcoming trend has also aroused California-based Alpha Motor Corporation. Still, they are already looking ahead of time with an electric pick-up truck with an outlandish Overlanding version in the pipeline. Meet the Wolf + Cloudbreak – created in collaboration with HEIMPLANET – as the exciting future of electric mobility for outdoor adventure seekers!

HEIMPLANET is a German camping and adventure gear specialist company that has worked with Alpha Motor Corporation to build a unique version of the Cloudbreak geodesic tent. The expansive tent becomes a part of the vehicle, extending the usable footprint of the electric truck to give the adventurous riders almost double the space to set camp safely. The structure is highly weather-proof and stable, with dual access points to the vehicle – resulting in a safe and functional camping setup.

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