Tenant pitched tent in garden and assaulted landlord in eviction row

2022-10-08 12:23:31 By : Mr. Jack Jia

An evicted tenant assaulted his former landlord after pitching a tent on the front garden when he was kicked out.

John Johnston, 29, was living in a shared house in Hull with his partner before he was evicted by landlord Darren Bernard.

Bernard said the eviction came about after an inspection during which the house was found to be "trashed".

He also said that Johnston had not paid rent in a year.

Johnston admitted to Hull Live that he was evicted due to falling behind on payments after losing his job.

Following the eviction, Johnston was told he was not allowed to enter the house, the front garden or the back garden, but due to his partner still living in the property, he decided to pitch a tent in front of the building.

Hull Magistrates Court heard that, after living in the tent for several weeks, Johnston was caught back in the property and on 19 August he physically attacked Bernard, leading to a head injury.

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Johnston pleaded guilty to a charge of assault by beating and was sentenced to 192 hours of unpaid work, given a year's community order, a restraining order to keep away from Bernard and an order not to step foot on Westbourne Avenue in Hull for two years.

He was also banned from nearby roads that lead to the property.

Physiotherapist Bernard, 53, said: "Over the past few months I have been in contact with police and the local MP Diana Johnson to finally get this matter resolved. John is a bully who has not only assaulted me but scared all the residents on Westbourne Avenue.

"The property has been trashed over the past year and I have found windows smashed and ketchup all over the walls like there had been a prison riot in there. I am disappointed in how long it has taken to move him away from my house."

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